Beneficial Garden Bugs - Yellow Jacket Wasp

In going along with the theme of my last blog on lizards being beneficial for the garden (and building a trap to catch them), I also wanted to touch on other beneficial creatures in the garden like Yellow Jacket Wasps!

Unlike Paper wasp and Mud Wasp, Yellow Jacket's are much more aggressive towards humans especially if cornered or messed with. I've noticed you can get quite close to them before they get angry. Not only that but when they get angry they tend to just flyaway first:) 

I've never found them to be a nuisance myself, so I leave them alone and let them do what they do best with there aggressive nature! I let them eat! They love to eat caterpillars such as inchworms and hornworms and eat them all day long!! They also eat spiders and pollinate flowers! 
I know at times these wasp can be scary but they work very hard in your garden to kill all the caterpillars that would otherwise eat all your fruits and veggies! If you just have way to many in your garden give one of these traps a try:)

I made this YouTube video showing just how aggressive they are toward worms! Watch what this Yellow Jacket does to this inchworm (that was way bigger than he was)! 

Like always God Bless:)


  1. I agree - they're great. Good for aphid control. Just don't disturb their nest. I just got stung last week by one. (totally my fault, didn't see the nest)

  2. I did not know they ate aphids:) Thanks for that! I guess I should have known since there seem to eat everything that moves. LOL! I try and find all the nest around my house in the common areas and knock them all down so I don't make them mad just by walking by. I have a spot where my wasp stay and that is on the back side of the house where no one walks:) I had them there for 2 1/2 years now and they work great!

    Next time you get stung take some mud and put it on the spot you got stung and it will suck the poison out and stop hurting right away!

    May I ask your name and how you found this blog?

    God Bless!!