DIY lizard trap for your garden!

As some of you know I try and keep my garden as organic as I can. I quickly learned that when you garden organically that pest tend to try and take over! At that point I prayed and asked the Lord what can I do to keep pest off my plants and He gave me something I can start to build on.

I started to watch what the Lord had put in place to eat bugs. Lizards and frogs came to mind right away. I don't have an open water source that frogs could grow and breed in so I turned to lizards! I noticed there was non in my back yard so I set out to catch some to help me in the garden.

I got some by hand but I needed an easier way to catch them and that lead me to look at traps. Once you catch them you can also keep them for a few weeks to
get it used to you feeding it bugs that you catch in
your garden like inchworms. Once they see inchworms being a good food source then they will eat as many as they can there by helping you in the garden all day long!

I had seen a trap like this one on YouTube but I found it to be more geared toward minnows. I thought this minnow trap could work for lizards and that is how I came up with this trap!

You can get a cheap cage for lizards you catch. Also don't forget to get a good book on keeping lizards from your local library!

Things you are going to need to make this trap are as follows:
  • A clean water/soda bottle. (I used this type of water bottle because it is square so less chance of it rolling around.)
  • A knife or razor blade. (Be careful! If your under 18 ask your mom or dad to help you.)
  • A soldering iron (Or you could put a metal coat hanger under some heat to melt holes.)

If you have anything else you would like to ask me post it on YouTube or down below and I will get back to you ASAP:)

God Bless!


  1. Great idea! I'm going to make this with my dtr to trap food for her lizards and chickens. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! I hope it all works out for you guys!

  3. lol and here I am wanting mine to leave. lol I guess I should be very thankful for them huh? I just don't like them jumping on me. chills

    1. You want them to leave because you did not understand the benefits of them:) I would not want them jumping on me ether!