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So you must've decided that you're going to organically grow your own food and found that there's a lot of bugs out there that want to eat it as well!

Lets look a little closer to find the truth about some bugs that may be bugging you:) Not all bugs are bad and not all bugs eat your food! There are lots and lots of beneficial bugs (Check out these books) out there but there are also lots of bugs that are bad! On this page I'm going to be showing you as many beneficial bugs for your garden as I can.

So let me encourage you by telling you that when you see a bug that scares you look it up first before you just kill it and start spraying your yard with pesticides. You could be killing something that can bring so much benefit to your garden and so much benefit to your body as well. There are lots of bugs out there that kill pest that you would otherwise have to kill yourself by hand (that is how they benefit your body) if you're truly "going organic":) I mean, I used to pick off each and every inchworm on my plants (alongside hornworms) by hand! The more the size of my garden grew, the more I needed help! At that point I prayed and asked the Lord to help me and he showed me what he has already put in place!!

Wasp was one of the first beneficial bugs I noticed. I did not like them at first because they sting you, right? They're mean to, right? I think for the most part the answer to those questions is no! I have a few post on wasp on the sidebar to your left that I made videos for.

I've noticed they are not as mean or aggressive as most people would think toward humans! Of course that's not the same for caterpillars!! Mu ha ha ha!! They massacre caterpillars of all kinds like inchworms, hornworms, etc etc.

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