Monsanto seed companies to avoid!

I know lots of us at Home Farm Ideas are always trying to make sure that we do not buy seeds from Monsanto. Don't buy from these seed companies you guys, every time you do you are casting a vote to keep them in "power". As of 2005 Monsanto took over Seminis so they are one now! Monsanto is looking to take over most (if not all) seeds and as of now they are trying hard to control peas, beans, spinach, cucumbers, cabbage, squash, melons, broccoli. They already have a strong hold on tomatoes (75%) and peppers (85%). They make most of there cash from tomatoes and peppers so I say we make sure to buy only organic nonGMO:) Check with other members to see if you can buy or trade seeds with them!

I am sure I am missing some stuff so please post below and add to this list as time goes on because I am sure it will change over time.

Johnny’s Seeds, Territorial Seeds and Park Seeds have been removed from this list. Monsanto does not own these companies that I know of you guys. Not to say that they are on the up and up.


Audubon Workshop
Breck’s Bulbs
Burpee Seeds ( Read what they say and make up your mind. )
Cook’s Garden
Dege Garden Center
Earl May Seed
E & R Seed Co
Ferry Morse
Flower of the Month Club
Gardens Alive
Germania Seed Co
Garden Trends
Lindenberg Seeds
McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers
Mountain Valley Seed
Park Bulbs
Park’s Countryside Garden
R.H. Shumway
Roots and Rhizomes
Seeds for the World
Seymour’s Selected Seeds
Spring Hill Nurseries
T&T Seeds
Tomato Growers Supply
Totally Tomato
Vermont Bean Seed Co.
Wayside Gardens
Willhite Seed Co.

American Seeds
De Ruiter
Diener Seeds
Fielder’s Choice
Gold Country Seed
Heritage Seeds
Hubner Seed
Jung Seed
Kruger Seeds
Lewis Hybrids
Rea Hybrids
Stone Seed
Western Seeds

Avoid all these seed companies and grow nonGMO seeds organically!


  1. Johnny's are good right now, that's what our co-op farm uses.

    1. I need proof at this point Bonnie:) Sorry...

  2. Why did you remove Burpee from a list on which they so clearly belong? Burpee continues to do business with Seminis, an agent of Monsanto.

    Burpee's pathetic excuse: The list of companies that buy from "Seminis, now a very tiny business activity of Monsanto, is long and includes most of the high quality seed sellers, as well as Burpee...Burpee continues as a privately owned company and, as I wish to emphasize, along with other leaders in the home gardening industry, we seek out suitable seeds from Seminis and other companies that adhere to the rigid guidelines we maintain and require of all our suppliers to you our valued home garden and small farmer customers."

    It is not rigid guidelines that concern me here - that is simply an attempt to divert atention from the real issue. If Burpee is buying seed from Seminis, owned by Monsanto, they are contributing to Monsanto's bottomline, no matter how small the contribution. Burpee's argument that they sometimes must buy from Seminis to get quality seed completely ignores the issue of with whom they are dealing. If a seed contributes to Monsanto's earnings, however little, I DON'T WANT IT! I will not buy Burpee products again; and I suggest you put a company so willing to deal with the devil in the name of supposed quality back on the list where they belong. No perceived "quality" could ever be enough for me in any manner to help enrich a company like Monsanto that has done so much to ruin our food and environment with Roundup Ready mutant crops that absorb repeated applications of herbicide or make internal pesticides -- and none of it ever labeled. NO BURPEE!

    1. Relax:) I just needed proof my friend! Te he;)

  3. Wait now. You say these companies are OWNED by Monsanto. I HATE Monsanto VERY much. But are all these companies actually OWNED by Monsanto or does a company that Monsatno own do business with some of these companies???

    By your philosophy above, Monsanto owns Tyson chicken because Tyson buys chickens from farmers that feed those chickens Round-up Ready Corn.

    1. Thank you for answering your own question:)