Black Soldier Fly Composter

Hi you guys! So, I wanted to come up with a way to turn my food scraps into a live feed to give to my chickens and in my searching I found out about Black Soldier Flies (BSF)! I found a page (link below) that lays out how to build a composter that will house your BSF's and at the same time they will break down LOTS of waste, all the while turning that waste into nice and fat, tasty larvae for your chickens! It took me like a week to make this composter because I did not have a lot of time but here it is! These BSF's will really compost your trash fast once the flies lay eggs and all the larva start really living in it. Check out all the videos I have done on this and let me know what you all think please.

Black Soldier Fly Composter <---Details on building it here.

Here is some videos I’ve made of my Black Soldier Fly Composters progress.

BSF eating 1 BSF eating 2 BSF eating 3
BSF eating 4 BSF eating 5

BSF eating banana 1 BSF eating banana 2

BSF harvest 1BSF harvest 2BSF harvest 3

This shopping list may help you as well:)

2 small bungee cords
¾ inch pvc piping
3 – ¾ inch pvs 90 degree
Rubber band
¾ inch vinyl tube (18 inches long)
Practice golf balls
Hose clamps
Braided nylon
Plastic crate material
Milk gallon
Pair of magnets
Dry sawdust pet bedding

Razor knife
2 inch hole saw
1 inch hole saw
Yarn needle

I hope this all encourages you guys to start your own self harvesting BSF composter! If you don't want to try and build one I found them on Amazon.

God Bless

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