Mini Greenhouse!

Hey! Don't throw that empty strawberry container away!

Why not reuse them as a mini greenhouse to start your veggie seeds or grow some sprouts for your chickens? That is what I did with these three strawberry containers that my wife had got from a store in my area called Sprouts. This container came with air holes in the top and drain holes on the bottom. These holes are needed for good drainage and good air flow!

Watch the video to see how I used these containers.

Now that you've decided your going to reuse them for planting, this is how to do it. Easy, right;)
  • Make sure to wash out the container. 
  • If there is not holes in the bottom or top of the containers your going to use for a mini greenhouse, make sure to do so.
  • Put some potting soil in them and plant those greens!

You can use more then just strawberry containers of course! Lots of stores are now starting to cook rotisserie chickens and other meats. It just so happens these packages make great greenhouses! That is one more package that will not be going to landfills:)

Here is a follow up video to the video above! My chickens are loving the wheat grass and it keeps regrowing!

Hope this info is helpful. 
God Bless!

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