Chicken Treat - Chicken Cobbler

Have chickens? Here is a fun chicken treat to make at home! Get the kids, get the materials, and get ready to make a quick and simple treat for your so loved chickens.

Remember, this is a treat it is not their main diet. This little treat will make them happy and at the same time reduce stress. A chicken that is less stressed out is proven to lay more eggs:) But, keep in mind as you're giving them treats you want to do it sparingly so that they stay healthy because better health reduces stress as well!

So let's get started.


  • Drill and Bit - Bit size should be bigger then string to make it easy to fit string through the hole.
  • Dried out Corn Cob
  • Scissors
  • Twine or String
  • Organic Chicken Scratch
  • Organic Peanut Butter
  • Butter Knife
  • Shallow Plate

This is all the stuff you will need.
I recommend that you set up a work area outside to do this project because it can get messy! First, be sure to free the cob of any dried corn kernels. If there is no corn kernels on the cob you are using be sure to get nonGMO corn kernels from your local feed store. If you cannot find nonGMO corn kernels just stick to the organic scratch. Now take your drill, the cob, and drill a hole at the top of the cob so you can easily thread your twine through it.

Roll it in the seeds:)
Next, add the blend of scratch and the kernels that you may have from your cob or feed store to the plate. Mix it well. Now use the butter knife to spread the organic peanut butter evenly onto the cob. Once you're satisfied with the spread of peanut butter, take the cob now and roll it in the scratch and kernel mix. You can push this mixture in with your hands as you roll it. Really pack on the scratch and kernel mix! Now insert the twine through the hole you made with the drill. I recommend putting it in a dry area so that the cob and the peanut butter can dry and harden a bit. About 24 hours or more.

All done!!
When your done, the treat should look like this! From here you can hang your chicken treat just about anywhere. You can hang it in their coop, on a tree (Just give the string more length), or outside in an area they can reach it. Enjoy watching your chickens eat "The chicken cobbler" treat!!

Doesn't this treat look so delicious?

If you liked this treat idea please share it with all your feeds!

Here is the chicken cobbler in action!!! 

God Bless!!

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  1. Such a good idea. I live in Denmark and am just thinking of making a chicken-coop in my garden. And the "short" life a chicken have, they for sure shall have a good life :-)