Saving red onion seeds!

Here is a video I did on saving your onion seeds. Like most of you out there I did not know you could do this with onions. I thought you had to have little starter bulbs! Nope, not the case! Thank God:)

It took some time to get seeds from my onions because it took what seemed like forever for them to flower but finally came up and so I took the best looking one for my seeds stock. You want to make sure to always get the best looking flower for saving seeds. Onion flowers are made up of 100's of little flowers and each little flower gives you about 3 to 5 black seeds as I point out in the video.
What I did to get the seeds was waited tell the flower started to dry while still attached to the onion bulb. When the flower started to hung over I then cut it off and put it in my garage to let it dry for two weeks. 

Once it was dry I made this video:)

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